What we do:

Kid Speech London is a specialised independent therapy practice based in North London. We provide high quality services to children from 2–16 years of age with speech, language, literacy or communication difficulties.

We offer an individualised service for your child according to his or her specific strengths and needs within the school or home environment. Our aim is to develop and strengthen your child’s core abilities, to facilitate him or her to become a more confident and successful communicator, and to thrive in the educational environment.

We work in close partnership with parents, teachers and other professionals to ensure a holistic team-based approach to assessment and intervention.

We pride ourselves on an intervention that is as efficient and effective as it could be to guarantee positive outcomes.

Would your child benefit from our services?

Does your child:

  • Find it difficult to produce certain sounds?
  • Have a lot to say, but it’s difficult for others to understand?
  • Have difficulty understanding what is said, at the same level as other similar aged children?
  • Not produce sentences at the same level as other similar aged children?
  • Find it hard to explain her/himself or tell stories at the same level as other similar aged children?
  • Find it hard to relate to their peers and make friends?
  • Experience difficulty following instructions in class?
  • Struggle to keep up in school?
  • Experience difficulty with the mechanics of reading as well as reading comprehension?
  • Struggle to put his/her thoughts down in writing?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then Kid Speech London can help you!

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